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Tips for Setting Up Your Workspace and Easy Clean Up

When using our Premium Candle Making Kit, here are some pro tips to help you set up your workspace and make clean up a breeze:

  • Unpack all supplies and lay them out for easy access.
  • The ideal ambient temperaturefor candle making is between 66-77°F (19-25°C). This affects the cooling rate of the wax, so staying this range will help you achieve consistent and quality results!
  • Figure out the best place for your candles to cool. Cracks can for if you move the container (or the wick) once you’ve poured the wax, so it’s best to pour them on a level surface where they can be left undisturbed until they fully cool.
  • Wash the melting pitcher and glass jars to clean off any specks of dust from the packaging materials. Ensure that they have been thoroughly dried, so that water droplets do not mix in with your wax.
  • Repurpose the empty wax pouch as a disposable spoon rest for your mixing spoon so that you’re not stuck scraping dried wax off of your countertops!
  • Do NOT pour wax down your sink drain. If you have leftover wax, pour it into a paper cup until it solidifies. When it cools, you can peel off the paper and remelt it for future use!
  • Set aside some paper towels and rubbing alcohol to clean off your candle tools as soon as you’re done. The best time to do this is while they are still warm!

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