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At Minimale Collective, we are committed to giving back ♥

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of our flagship products is donated to Reach Out Feed Philippines for #ProjectBaon. 

About Project Baon

"Baon" is a Filipino word for packed meals prepared by parents for their kids going to school. Sadly 1 out of 3 kids in the Philippines don't get the food they need every day. Since learning depends on good nutrition, these kids may never reach the same potential for learning as well-nourished kids.

Since 2015, #ProjectBaon has worked with schools and poor communities in the Philippines. The children they serve belong to families with an income of less than P200 or $4/day. They provide supplementary school meals at least 3x a week—a packed lunch with rice, protein source, vegetables and fruits, specially planned to meet their nutritional needs. 


The Department of Education (DepEd) revealed that more than half million Filipino students in kindergarten and elementary levels currently enrolled in public schools are considered "severely wasted." This malnutrition makes Filipino children the third poorest and most disadvantaged sector in the Philippines, next to fishermen and farmers. With the Covid19 pandemic, children are now more vulnerable to hunger, with schools closed and their parents facing unemployment.


Through #ProjectBaon, we work with communities in poor locations in the Philippines. We screen and identify children with no means and access to nutritious meals and provide them with supplementary school mealsa packed meal with rice, meat, and vegetables, designed to meet their nutritional needs.

As of May 2020, #ProjectBaon has been serving 500+ kids weekly in 5 locations: Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo, Parugan Antipolo, Brgy San Jose Antipolo, Bagumbayan & Kamuning Quezon City.

Long-Term Impact

Poor nutrition and health among school children contributes to the inefficiency of the educational system. Nutritional & health status are powerful influences on a child's learning and on how well a child performs in school. #ProjectBaon will consistently provide thousands of nutritious meals in poor communities in the Philippines. We need your help as we try to bring in more kids into the program who's parents were affected with unemployment due to the Covid19.

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